Infographic: Where next for future car technology?

From autopilot to holographic windscreens. Find out where automakers are going with future car technology.

Where next for future car technology?

Automotive technology waits for no driver. Every day, manufacturers are investing millions of dollars and a gargantuan effort into developing the next technological innovation that will set new models apart from anything that has gone before. That is why we’re now talking about autonomous cars as a realistic proposition rather than a utopian concept, the stuff of sci-fi movies.

Other ways in which technology is changing the driving experience is through hologram graphics on windscreens practically replacing the information that traditionally appeared on your dashboard. Rather than looking down to check your speed or see how much fuel you’ve left until the need to top up, this information can appear in hologram form on your windscreen. Another feature likely to become reality is biometric vehicle access and start. We’ve already seen keyless entry and ignition, but how about being able to get into your car and start the engine with your thumbprint?

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