Uber Driverless Car

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Why is Uber testing driverless cars?

As a ride-hailing company, Uber needs to employ an expensive fleet of human drivers. Driverless technology would allow Uber to eliminate that expense, thereby boosting its bottom line. 

What type of cars is Uber using for its driverless technology?

Uber is using Ford Fusion (Pittsburgh) and Volvo XC90 cars (Tempe) retrofitted with autonomous technology. All of Uber’s driverless cars are supervised by a human engineer who rides in the driver’s seat.

Where has Uber been testing driverless cars?

Uber started testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh in 2015. The ride-hailing company then expanded to San Francisco in December 2016. Yet, the California Department of Motor Vehicles shut down testing within days, stating that Uber failed to obtain autonomous driving permits. Soon after, Uber moved into Tempe Arizona.

Why did Uber suspend its driverless vehicle tests?

Uber Technologies decided to suspend all driverless vehicle tests in late March after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona. Police did not fault the Uber vehicle. The driver of another car failed to yield, causing the crash. The company says that it is conducting a full investigation. In the meantime, autonomous tests were put on hold in Arizona and Pittsburgh.

When will Uber resume autonomous vehicle tests?

The company has not announced when it will resume autonomous vehicle tests.

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