Hydrogen Vehicle

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Who is making hydrogen vehicles?

Currently, there are only three automakers building hydrogen cars that are available to the public: Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. With over 24 years of experience, Toyota has been designing hydrogen-powered vehicles the longest. It was also the first automaker to offer hydrogen cars in the US after an initial introduction in Japan.

How much does a hydrogen vehicle cost?

Hydrogen vehicles tend to be expensive because platinum is used as a catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells. The Toyota Mirai retails for close to $60,000, but its estimated that the Japanese car company loses $100,000 on every car that’s sold. The Honda Clarity and Hyundai ix35 FCEV are only available through leases. Besides the car being expensive, the fuel also costs more than traditional gasoline. In fact, manufactures are either subsidizing or covering the cost of fuel entirely for car buyers and lease owners.

How do you fuel up a hydrogen car?

Hydrogen cars rely on hydrogen fueling stations. This is a major limitation of the technology as there are only 23 refueling stations in the USA, 20 of which are in California. Refueling a hydrogen car only takes about 5 minutes. In comparison, it takes electric cars hours to recharge fully.

What kind of range do hydrogen vehicles have?

ydrogen vehicles on the market today typically get over 300 miles. The only electric vehicle that is comparable to that range is the Tesla Model S. Few other electric vehicles have been able to break the 200 mile mark.

Where can you buy a hydrogen car in the United States?

Currently, hydrogen cars are only available in California where they have an infrastructure to support the technology.

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