Cruise Automation

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Who is Cruise Automation?

Cruise Automation is a San Francisco-based company, creating the technology needed for driverless cars. Cruise Automation was purchased by General Motors in 2016, as a key component of their autonomous driving initiatives. Cruise is already testing driverless car technology on the streets of Michigan.

Who Owns Cruise Automation?

Cruise Automation was bought by General Motors in March 2016 for slightly more than $1 billion. This price is disputed, however. GM says the purchase price was $581 million, with $300 million in cash, and the balance in stock. Any additional costs, says GM, “are being considered by the company to be employment costs instead of acquisition costs.”

Who runs Cruise Automation?

Cruise Automation is still run by its two founders, Kyle Vogt and Daniel Kan. They started the company in January 2014, with $4.3 million of seed capital. They sold the Company to General Motors two years later, for approx. $1 billion.

What is the Company’s Website?

Cruise Automation’s website is, though it does not contain much information about the Company. Rather, it is more of a promotional site, showcasing a video on the Company and open positions for hire.

What does Cruise Automation do?

The Company’s goal is to develop the technology to make self-driving cars a reality. According to SAE, that is defined as Automation Level 3 (on a 0-5 scale), where cars can safety control all aspects of driving, though a human driver is still present. Cruise’s goal goes beyond prototypes; they’re to work with GM to put millions of self-driving cars on the road in the next decade.

What is the core of Cruise Automation’s technology?

The Cruise software translates information from GPS, LIDAR and a car’s cameras & sensors into data that a vehicle can use to navigate. The software helps a car navigate through traffic, avoid obstacles, stay in lane and move from origin to destination.

Where can I find Cruise Automation’s technology?

According to the Company’s website, self-driving cars with Cruise Automation technology are being tested on roads in Michigan (home to parent General Motors), Arizona and California (home state for Cruise Automation and a number of other autonomous vehicle companies). None of their products have yet been released commercially for sale.

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