Yutong Bus

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What is the Yutong bus?

Yutong is the world’s largest bus maker. Although they sell in 130 different markets, they do not sell to North America. Yutong’s Chairman stated that the company doesn’t do business in the U.S. because relations between the two countries are not friendly. Despite not selling in North America, the company has had 20 straight years of increased profits.

How is Yutong moving towards driverless technology?

Yutong is developing driverless buses. It completed the world’s first autonomous bus trial in 2015. The company has been working on driverless buses since 2012. Although their model does not yet have a name, it has already been to said to have improved its safety procedures and to aid in the elimination of accidents involving vehicles.

How far did Yutong’s driverless bus travel?

Yutong’s driverless bus drove 32.6 kilometers on city roads between Zhengzhou to Kaifeng. During the test-drive, the autonomous bus successfully stopping at 26 traffic lights. It was also to manage lane changes and overtake vehicles.

When will Yutong’s driverless bus model be on the road?

Yutong has not set a timeline on when it expects to have an autonomous bus on the raod. Instead, the company has stated that the primary purpose of building autonomous technology was to improve the safety of traditional buses.

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