Waze Carpool

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What is Waze Carpool?

Waze Carpool is an application that matches drivers and riders who are going in the same way to work or back home, and helps share the cost of gas at $0.54 per mile. The purpose of the application is for passengers to pick up rides with drivers, resulting in fewer cars on the road and less traffic.

Where is Waze Carpool available?

Waze Carpool is primarily available in California. The service is also operating abroad in Israel, where it was first piloted. The service went live in Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey to help people affected by the storm get around.

How much does Waze Carpool cost?

Unlike other carpooling applications, Waze Carpool riders and drivers share the cost of gas for each trip. Ride payment is set in advance at a rate fixed by the company, no greater than the federal mileage rate of $0.54 per mile. Once the ride is completed, the money is automatically transferred from riders to drivers.

Do Waze Carpool drivers need any qualifications?

Waze Carpool drivers do NOT need any qualification to become a driver. Drivers download the application onto their smartphones and follow the steps to register. Once registered, drivers have full access to the Waze service and will begin to receive ride requests from other users, according to one’s daily commute. Waze drivers are everyday people who use the app to drive to work. The app focuses on covering the driver’s cost, not generating income for the company.

Is Waze Carpool available at night and/or on weekends?

Since Waze Carpool is designed for commuters, it works best during morning and evening rush hours. Riders can request a ride at any time – even at night or on weekends. But if there is a low density of drivers, it could take several hours to find a driver going your way.

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