Subaru Eyesight

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What is Eyesight technology in autos?

Subaru Eyesight is a crash avoidance technology. It relies on cameras mounted near the top of the car’s windshield to watch for approaching obstacles and warn the driver. If the driver doesn’t respond, the car stops itself.

What is the Subaru driverless car?

Subaru says that they do are not aiming to develop driverless cars like their competitors. Instead, they will focus on safety features and technology that makes driving safer such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking systems. However, the company was issued a permit from California’s DMV to test driverless cars on its roadways.

Does Subaru have an electric vehicle?

Subaru is slated to invest over $1 billion this year in developing hybrid and electric technology for its vehicles. The company announced that they would look to produce a plug-in hybrid model for 2018 and an all electric model by 2021. Subaru’s investment in electric takes priority over R&D spending on other technologies, such as driverless.

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