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When will nuTonomy put the first driverless taxi on the road?


What is the deal between nuTonomy and Lyft?

nuTonomy, the three-year-old company from Boston, MA, announced that its first autonomous vehicle available for public hire hit the roads in the Southeast Asian country of Singapore. The company plans to introduce a full autonomous “robo” taxi service by 2018.

When did Delphi buy nuTonomy?

nuTonomy and Lyft formed a strategic R&D partnership focused on developing driverless fleets.. The companies aligned their respective technology platforms to gather valuable research and insights into all aspects of ensuring a passenger’s comfort and safety during an autonomous vehicle ride, from routing and booking to the performance of the driving system and how it interacts and communicates with the rider. The self-driving program is similar to a partnership between Uber and Volvo. An engineer from nuTonomy rides in each of its vehicles during testing to observe system performance and assume control of it, just like Uber and Volvo’s XC90s. Currently, tests are being conducted in the Boston area.

When does nuTonomy expect to have driverless cars on the road?

On October 24, 2017, Delphi announced it was purchasing nuTonomy for $450 million. Delphi, headquartered in Gillingham U.K, is an auto parts company that has its own driverless division. nuTonomy will continue to be based in Boston, but will join forces with Delphi’s driverless team.that  

What is nuTonomy’s nucore technology?

nuTonomy and Lyft have been working together to have autonomous vehicles on the roads by 2020 and 2021. However, since the purchase of nuTonomy by Delphi, the company is speeding up the process by doubling the number of employees to 200, in hopes of having driverless cars on the road by the end of 2018.

Who does nuTonomy work with?

nuTonomy’s nuCore technology, which is also referred as autonomous navigation software, provides the brains of driverless car systems. They include systems for perception, mapping, localization, motion planning, decision making and control of passenger vehicles operating in complex and urban environments. nuTonomy’s nuCore planning system enables human-like maneuvering performances, and complex traffic scenarios. The program has been successfully deployed on five different vehicle models across three continents.

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