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What is Autoliv Zenuity?

Autoliv and Volvo have formed a new joint partnership called, Zenuity, with a focus on developing self-driving automotive software. The plan is to get to the point where both companies can field self-driving cars for sale, based on Nvidia’s Drive PX in-car AI computing platform, by the year 2021.

What products does Autoliv develop?

Autoliv is the largest automotive safety supplier to car manufacturers in the world, with over $10 billion in annual revenues. Based in Sweden, the company develops, manufactures and markets protective automotive systems for vehicles. They create both “passive” safety features, such as airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, as well as “active” safety systems including brake control systems, radar, night vision and collision detection systems, Autoliv also produces pedestrian protection systems.

What is the difference between active and passive safety technology?

“Active safety” refers to technology that can prevent a car accident from happening. This might include forward collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, ven anti-lock brakes. “Passive safety” refers features that are there to help protect vehicle occupants from further injury once a crash has already occurred. “Passive safety” features crumple zones, which help to absorb and distribute crash forces before they reach the passenger and drivers seats. These crumple zone features are similar to seatbelts, airbags, and headrests that help keep the driver and passenger’s stationary within the life space of the vehicle.

Does Autoliv produce LiDAR technology?

Autoliv Zenuity recently purchased LiDAR and Time of Flight technology from Swedish LiDAR Specialty Company. LiDAR and Time of Flight cameras will be important sensors to make autonomy driving a reality for Autoliv.

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