Amazon Prime Air

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What is Amazon Prime Air?

Amazon Prime Air started as a delivery system designed to deliver packages to customers in under 30 minutes using drones. Yet, the scope and ambition of the project has grown. In January, the online retailer announced plans to open its own cargo air hub in Northern Kentucky. That facility will be the home to 40 Amazon Prime Air planes. The company has also filed patents for self-driving delivery vehicles and blimp warehouses.

Where does Amazon Prime Air operate?

The drone delivery arm of Amazon Prime Air is in development in the U.S., England, Austria and Israel.

Can anyone have a package delivered by an Amazon Prime Air?

In order to have a package delivered, you need an open space for the Amazon Prime Air drone – and your package – to land. Think of it as a backyard landing mat. The mini-helipad helps guide the drone in and acts as a smooth and safe delivery spot. City dwellers and customers who live on streets with closely knit houses without space for a private landing area may have to stick with traditional delivery for the time being.

Is Amazon Prime Air a threat to other delivery companies?

Amazon Prime Air is not a major threat to delivery companies despite having  outpaced competitors with its breadth of inventory and its obsessive focus on convenient, fast delivery. Some traditional delivery services have already downplayed the effect that the loss of Amazon deliveries would have on their business. Amazon deliveries only account for 7 percent of UPS’ volume and about 3 percent for FedEx.

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