Volkswagen ERL

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What car brands are under the Volkswagen Group?

Volkswagen is the largest automaker in the world by sales. Besides manufacturing cars under the Volkswagen name, the company also owns several other well-known luxury car brands. It owns Audi (1966), Bentley (1998), Lamborghini (1998), Bugatti (1998) and Porsche (2012). VW Group also owns the popular motorcycle brand, Ducati.  In addition, it also owns two economically-priced car brands: Seat, a Spanish car company (1990) and Skoda, a Czech Republic car company (2000).

What did Volkswagen agree to in their settlement over excess diesel emissions?

Volkswagen agreed to invest $2 billion in vehicle infrastructure and awareness programs over the next decade as part of its court settlement over excess diesel emissions.The car company launched Electrify America, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group of America in February 2017. The company plans to install 450 non-proprietary electric charging stations across America. Volkswagen also has stated that they would develop more electric vehicle models – a total of 30 by 2015.

What is Volkswagen’s Electric Research Laboratory?

Volkswagen’s Electric Research Laboratory (ERL) is the research arm that tackles autonomous driving technologies. The group started in 1998 with only three employees. ERL is secretive about projects that it works on, but technology developed does make it into production vehicles. One of its most high-profile technologies is the Autobahn Pilot, also known as Freeway Pilot, developed for Audi A7 cars.

What is VW’s Sedric?

Sedric is a Level 5 driverless concept car that VW unveiled at CES in January 2017. The goal of the car is to focus on the inside much more than on the appearance on the outside. VW is aiming to make this driverless vehicle one of the comfiest and most relaxing spaces to ride in, with seemingly little effort from its passengers.

How does VW’s Sedric work?

Instead of using a key, Sedric is summoned by using a VW remote. It has one button on it that lights up, unlike typical car keys that usually have three or four buttons on them for separate actions. Sedric is electrically wired with motors and batteries.

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