Spherical Tires

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What are spherical tires?

Spherical-shaped tires are concept tires introduced by Goodyear. They are designed for self-driving vehicles. First unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show as, Goodyear debuted an updated model, the Eagle 360 Urban, at the 2017 show.

How can spherical tires attach to the car?

Spherical tires attach to car through magnetic force, similar to the technology used in Maglev trains. The magnetic force keeps the wheels in place and allows them to spin 360 degrees, a feat that wouldn’t be possible with regular axles.

What are other benefits of spherical tires?

Regular wheels can only move forward or backward. But spheres can perform 360-degree rotation. That improves driving safety by allowing cars to move in all directions. They can spin into tight spots and out of tight situations.

Will spherical tires become a reality?

The Eagle 360 Urban tire is 3-D printed with a shape-shifting polymer designed to mimic human skin. If road conditions are wet, the tire forms a dimpled surface for better traction. On dry roads, the surface becomes smooth. In-tire sensors picking up road conditions inform the car’s braking and handling capabilities, too.

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