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How is Waze different from other map apps?

Waze is a gamified version of Google Maps. Users are awarded points for allowing the app to track their commute, or manually entering in travel information like accidents, traffic conditions, and police officer stops in the area. Therefore users are motivated to keep their location on at all times, as well as give feedback that increases their score in the Waze platform.

Can Waze share your information with law enforcement?

Google/Waze privacy policy makes it clear they will share your personal information with law enforcement whenever they have a “good faith belief” that police officers or federal security personnel need the information of certain problem individuals.

What is Waze Carpool?

Waze Carpool is a money saving and traffic eliminating way to commute from one place to another. Users tell Carpool where they are, and a fellow Wazer going the same direction comes to pick them up. The cost is split between the driver and the rider.

How is Waze Carpool different from Uberpool or Lyft?

Waze Carpool works more like an old-fashioned carpool. In America, Waze does not take a commission from drivers. Riders also only chip in for gas/car mileage at the IRS reimbursement rate of $0.54 per mile. Drivers get money to cover their ride, plus the bonus of being able to take the carpool lane, if available.

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