Amazon Drones

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How fast can an Amazon drone deliver packages?

Amazon wants its drones to deliver your package in under 30 minutes. Drones fly at about 50 mph. They reach an altitude of only 400 feet, which helps them to avoid more air traffic.

How far can an Amazon drone fly?

Right now, Amazon drones have a 15-mile range. That means the drones can only make a trip that’s 7.5 miles out in order to reliably complete the round trip.  Amazon drones need to be recharged in between every delivery.

How much can an Amazon drone carry?

According to the online retailer’s website, an Amazon drone can carry up to 5 lbs. Packages are carried in the drone’s fuselage. Larger packages will still need to be delivered by traditional methods.

Are Amazon drones legal?

The service has not been green lighted by the Federal Aviation Association. Yet, regulations on drones have eased. For one, drones no longer have to fly in sight of the operator. But Amazon drones still have other restrictions. They can only fly during daylight hours and they need to keep award from crowds.

How does an Amazon drone deliver a package?

Amazon has proposed a couple of different ways to deliver packages by drones. In one scenario, the drone would land on a target pad that Amazon would provide to homeowners. Another patent suggests that Amazon would release the package from the drone and the package who parachute down to a target pad.

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