Uber Technology

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What do you need to sign up for Uber?

Uber works through smartphone technology. Users must download the Uber app to their devices, plug in their credit card information, current location and destination. The software will connect to a driver close by who will then pick his or her rider(s) up and drive them to their desired location.

How do I become an Uber driver?

Certain qualifications must be met in order to become an Uber driver. A background check is required and certain cars are prohibited. It takes roughly four minutes to apply to become a driver, but necessary documents such as car registration, insurance and a valid license are needed.

Where is Uber testing its driverless vehicles?

Uber has been testing its driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as Tempe, Arizona. The company briefly suspended all test drives in AZ due to an accident that caused their driverless model to collide with a human-driven car.

What type of technology is Uber using in its driverless cars?

Uber is currently using Ford Fusion with its technology for their test vehicles in Pittsburgh. The company is also involved in a $300 million partnership with Volvo to have their first autonomous vehicle released by 2021.

Why is Uber investing in driverless technology?

The Uber ride-sharing service relies on an expensive fleet of human drivers. If it can eliminate the need for drivers and move to autonomous taxis, the company could increase revenues by several multiples. Similarly, if it doesn’t evolve into driverless along with the rest of the industry, the company itself could become obsolete.

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