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Does Volvo have a self-driving car?

Volvo is testing driverless vehicles in partnership with Uber. It also plans to begin testing self-driving cars through its Drive Me program. Vovlo does have Level 2 semi-autonomous technology built into its vehicles. The company has stated that it will skip Level 3 driverless technology altogether.

What type of semi-autonomous technology is available from Volvo?

Volvo’s semi-autonomous technology is called Pilot Assist II. The technology is currently standard in Volvo’s new S90 and available as an option in the XC90. Volvo’s Pilot Assist II can handle steering and braking at speeds of up to 80 mph. The first generation of Pilot Assist could only handle steering and braking up to 30 mph on the highway and needed a car in front of it to follow. The new generation works on open road, but it does require roads with clear lane markings.

When does Volvo plan to have a driverless car on the road?

Volvo plans to have driverless cars on the road after 2020. The automaker has various programs and partnerships in place that are helping it to get there. In Sweden, the company launched Drive Me, a program that will collect data from real people behind the wheels of Level 4 self-driving vehicles. The company has also created a entity in partnership with AutoLiv called Zenuity. The company is developing products for self-driving vehicles that will be used in Volvos and sold to other car manufacturers. Volvo also agreed to a $300 million alliance to Uber, testing self-driving vehicles in Arizona.

Can I sign up for Volvo’s Drive Me program?

Currently, Volvo’s Drive Me program is only available in Sweden. The application period for the program has closed. Volvo plans to launch other Drive Me programs in London and in China. Drivers who are selected will drive pre-selected routes, sending data back to Volvo for analysis.

Why is Volvo moving towards all-electric cars?

Volvo believes there is enough market demand and interest in electric cars to electrify its entire fleet. The carmaker announced all of its vehicles will be electric or hybrids by 2019. It plans to launch 5 new electric vehicles between 2019 and 2021. The company has previously stated that it plans to sell 1 million electrified cars by 2025. Phasing out the combustible engine is how the company plans to get there. Volvo said that it was emboldened to take this step due to the surging popularity for Tesla vehicles.

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