Honda Self-Driving Car

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What is a Honda self-driving car?

Although not fully autonomous, Honda does a have a suite of intelligent driving features called Honda Sensing. It includes advanced-driver assistance system (ADAS) that helps a car stay within the lanes, automatically corrects steering of the vehicle and adjusts its speed. In addition, Honda sensing also monitors traffic in front of it and offers features such as automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

When is Honda going to release a fully autonomous car?

Honda plans to release a level 3 autonomous car in 2020 and a level 4 autonomous car in 2025. The car company has been criticized for being behind its competitors in terms of developing driverless technology. They have also stated that they’re partnering with Waymo to help develop driverless technology, although details of that partnership have not been released.

What is Honda’s Vision 2030 strategy plan?

The Honda Vision 2030 strategy plan is Honda’s mission plan for their  autonomous car program, as well as future plans for the company. Honda plans to put an emphasis on mobility, robotics, and energy solutions to usher in the freedom of mobility and the “joy of making lives better.”

What plans does Honda have for alternative fuel vehicles?

Honda has built both electric and hydrogen cars, although none have had market success. The company says that will change. It plans to have 60 percent of its fleet be either hybrid or alternative fuel dependent by 2030. Currently, only about 5 percent of vehicles Honda produces are hybrid or alternative fuel powered.

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