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  • Amazon Drones
    How fast can an Amazon drone deliver packages? Amazon wants its drones to deliver your package in under 30 minutes. Drones fly at about 50 mph. They reach an altitude of only 400 feet, which helps them to avoid more air traffic. How far can an Amazon drone fly? Right now, Amazon(...)
  • Amazon Prime Air
    What is Amazon Prime Air? Amazon Prime Air started as a delivery system designed to deliver packages to customers in under 30 minutes using drones. Yet, the scope and ambition of the project has grown. In January, the online retailer announced plans to open its own cargo air hub in Northern(...)
  • Autoliv
    What is Autoliv Zenuity? Autoliv and Volvo have formed a new joint partnership called, Zenuity, with a focus on developing self-driving automotive software. The plan is to get to the point where both companies can field self-driving cars for sale, based on Nvidia’s Drive PX in-car AI(...)
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  • Cruise Automation
    Who is Cruise Automation? Cruise Automation is a San Francisco-based company, creating the technology needed for driverless cars. Cruise Automation was purchased by General Motors in 2016, as a key component of their autonomous driving initiatives. Cruise is already testing driverless car(...)
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  • Faraday Future
    What is Faraday Future? To date, Faraday has not started production on its concept cars. It planned to open a $1 billion manufacturing plant in Nevada, but those plans were cancelled in 2017. The company had initially planned to develop seven cars, but scaled back its electric car lineup to(...)
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  • Honda Self-Driving Car
    What is a Honda self-driving car? Although not fully autonomous, Honda does a have a suite of intelligent driving features called Honda Sensing. It includes advanced-driver assistance system (ADAS) that helps a car stay within the lanes, automatically corrects steering of the vehicle and(...)
  • Hydrogen Vehicle
    Who is making hydrogen vehicles? Currently, there are only three automakers building hydrogen cars that are available to the public: Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. With over 24 years of experience, Toyota has been designing hydrogen-powered vehicles the longest. It was also the first automaker(...)
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  • LIDAR Sensors
    What are lidar sensors? Lidar, short for light detection and ranging, maps objects in 3-D by bouncing laser beams off its surroundings. The technology is also referred to as LIDAR, LiDAR, and LADAR.   How is lidar technology used? Lidar technology has been around since the 1960s.(...)
  • Long Haul Trucking
    What is Long Haul Trucking? Long-haul trucking (commonly abbreviated LHT) is defined as commercial truck voyages that are more than 200 miles from origin to destination. It is also known as over-the-road (OTR) trucking. In addition, there is a Minnesota-based company with the generic name(...)
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  • Mobileye
    What products does Mobileye develop? Mobileye develops computer vision technology, which essentially allows driverless cars to see. Mobileye 5 and 6 Series are collision avoidance systems. They work through a single forward-facing vision sensor created for drivers of all vehicle types.(...)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
    What is a Motor Vehicle Accident? A motor vehicle accident -- more commonly known as a car crash, traffic collision, fender bender, pile-up, distracted driving or automobile accident – occurs when a moving vehicle hits either (a) another vehicle; (b) a pedestrian; (c) an animal; or (d) a(...)
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  • nuTonomy
    When will nuTonomy put the first driverless taxi on the road? nuTonomy, the three-year-old company from Boston, MA, announced that its first autonomous vehicle available for public hire hit the roads in the Southeast Asian country of Singapore. The company plans to introduce a full(...)
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  • Rolls Royce Vision 100
    What is a Rolls Royce driverless car? Rolls Royce CEO bluntly stated that it’s not a requirement for Rolls Royce owners to have driverless and semi-driverless options since many of them have chauffeurs. Technology is not of utmost importance. The CEO also stated that they will not be taking(...)
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  • SAE Automation Levels
    What are the SAE Automation Levels? Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Automation Levels were developed a classification system for self-driving cars in January 2014. The classification provides a common taxonomy and definitions for driverless vehicles. SAE’s classification system on(...)
  • Spherical Tires
    What are spherical tires? Spherical-shaped tires are concept tires introduced by Goodyear. They are designed for self-driving vehicles. First unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show as, Goodyear debuted an updated model, the Eagle 360 Urban, at the 2017 show. How can spherical tires(...)
  • Subaru Eyesight
    What is Eyesight technology in autos? Subaru Eyesight is a crash avoidance technology. It relies on cameras mounted near the top of the car's windshield to watch for approaching obstacles and warn the driver. If the driver doesn't respond, the car stops itself.   What is the Subaru(...)
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  • Tesla Enhanced Autopilot
    What is the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot? Tesla Enhanced Autopilot is the next generation of the carmaker’s semi-autonomous technology. The system assists drivers through the use of sophisticated cameras and radars. Tesla is rolling out Enhanced Autopilot in phases. Enhanced Autopilot will(...)
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  • Uber Driverless Car
    Why is Uber testing driverless cars? As a ride-hailing company, Uber needs to employ an expensive fleet of human drivers. Driverless technology would allow Uber to eliminate that expense, thereby boosting its bottom line.  What type of cars is Uber using for its driverless(...)
  • Uber Technology
    What do you need to sign up for Uber? Uber works through smartphone technology. Users must download the Uber app to their devices, plug in their credit card information, current location and destination. The software will connect to a driver close by who will then pick his or her rider(s)(...)
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  • Volkswagen ERL
    What car brands are under the Volkswagen Group? Volkswagen is the largest automaker in the world by sales. Besides manufacturing cars under the Volkswagen name, the company also owns several other well-known luxury car brands. It owns Audi (1966), Bentley (1998), Lamborghini (1998), Bugatti(...)
  • Volvo driverless
      Does Volvo have a self-driving car? Volvo is testing driverless vehicles in partnership with Uber. It also plans to begin testing self-driving cars through its Drive Me program. Vovlo does have Level 2 semi-autonomous technology built into its vehicles. The company has stated that it(...)
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  • Waze
    How is Waze different from other map apps? Waze is a gamified version of Google Maps. Users are awarded points for allowing the app to track their commute, or manually entering in travel information like accidents, traffic conditions, and police officer stops in the area. Therefore users(...)
  • Waze Carpool
    What is Waze Carpool? Waze Carpool is an application that matches drivers and riders who are going in the same way to work or back home, and helps share the cost of gas at $0.54 per mile. The purpose of the application is for passengers to pick up rides with drivers, resulting in fewer cars(...)
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  • Yutong Bus
    What is the Yutong bus? Yutong is the world’s largest bus maker. Although they sell in 130 different markets, they do not sell to North America. Yutong’s Chairman stated that the company doesn’t do business in the U.S. because relations between the two countries are not friendly. Despite(...)