About You

Over the past decade, smartphones have changed your life.

Since they first came out in 2007, smartphone have altered many corners of your behavior – they’ve replaced maps, settled bar bets, quintupled the number of pictures in existence, allowed you to video communicate (for free!) with any person on earth, predicted your weather, done your banking, made your music portable and tracked your fitness.

Along with a thousand other things. Arguably, they’re the most important invention in this millennium.

But this life-changing invention has reached middle age. Sure, there are many new innovations in store for you, but the biggest ones have mostly happened.

What’s Next?

So, what technology will change your life — the most — over the next decade?

We think it’s your car. Or your ride.

The biggest companies on the planet are filing patents, creating products, and changing the way you drive. To the point where you won’t…. anymore.

What you’ll see over the next decade is staggering – driverless cars and trucks, new fuel sources, revolutions in ride sharing, and a changing landscape to support it. Many things you take for granted will fundamentally change – parking, car insurance, transporting kids & groceries, speed limits, traffic violations funding government, and highways…. just to name a few.

Are You Curious…..

about what’s around the next driving corner? If so, welcome to Dryve. You’ll have a front-row seat for the next generation of driving.