About Us

We LOVE driving.

Nearly every vehicle gives us a thrill – sports cars, luxury sedans, SUVs, off road ATVs, convertibles, classic cars, motorcycles, Segways, snowmobiles. (OK, maybe not mini-vans or tractors).

Why? Because driving is freedom. Driving is adventure. Driving is speed. Driving is relaxing. Driving is meditation. Driving is sport. Didn’t we all, when we first got our license, feel it was one of the best days of our lives? It’s one of the great passages into adulthood.

Soon, There’ll Be Lots  More to Love

Over the next decade, this love of ours will likely undergo its biggest changes ever. More will change about driving over the next 10 years, than in the past 100:

Self-driving cars. Ride-sharing revolutions. Batteries replacing gasoline. New players. Interconnectivity of autos to the internet.

What will this all mean? Will it make us love driving more? Or less? How will this change our lives? How can we get a peek into the future?

That’s why we started Dryve. To give you a window into the products, services, changes, rules, players and innovation that will change the way we drive. And to provide thoughtful commentary on what these changes will bring.

We don’t know what it will all mean. But we know it will be a thrilling, brain-filling ride. And we’d like to be one of your drivers.

Please, Join Us for the Journey

So, you’re invited to join the Dryve family. Read what we’ve uncovered. Share your thoughts and opinions with us. Join other like-minded passionate drivers. Rate new products and services. Because, we believe, this will be the biggest technological change in the next 15 years.

(No cost or commitment, of course).

Ride on!